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Mountain Home Medical is much more than a medical alarm storefront for any one medical alarm monitoring company.  We offer a diverse and growing product line to meet the safety and security needs of families, clients and case managers.

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Guide to How to Choose: Medication Managment Matrix

MedReady Connect


  Monitored live, 24/7 for:

  • Missed Dose
  • Low Battery
  • Jammed or non operating unit

Monitored Medication  Management at the SAME cost as non-monitored. Most cost effective medication management on the market today.



  • 72 hour rechargble battery
  • 28 doses / 4 times per day dispense
  • Most secure unit, difficult to break or break into




  • Powerful voice reminding tool with PERS along side or built-in
  • Dispenses up to 6 times per day / holding up to 60 doses
  • Four reminder levels: voice reminder, beeping alarm, flashing light, displayed on screen
  • Client dispenses meds by pushing a button, like dispensing a candy bar or can of pop; machine says “thank you” when meds are taken
  • Early dose function
  • Real-time reports available to caregivers and case managers
  • Verbal medical reminders
  • Auto-monitored or live

MedSignals Medication Dispenser


  • Portable
  • Voice reminders plus beeping
  • Flashing light indicates which bin to open
  • Can delay or skip dose


Med Time Carousel Unit


  • Smaller / Portable
  • AC power not required
  • Costs more than MedReady
  • Higher failure rate
  • Non-rechargeable battery


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